Happy Holidays!

Hey HellaKids! Cheers BeerNuts!
I was helping my friend Holland Lowe and her organization Operation Provider at her Christmas Dinner event. You have all heard me talk about Holland and the great work she does for the community with her food and clothing bank.
I started volunteering at this event 5 years ago when a friend and fellow actor, Vince Spano, invited me by and got me hooked on giving just a little extra back to the community on this day. He has since moved off the mountain, but made a surprise visit today with his lovely lady, Lurisha Monet.

www.OperationProvider.org is an organization that gives back all year long and the giving culminates on this day. Watching the kids with wonder in their eyes, interact with Santa was the very definition of Christmas.

P.S. Visit threemarmbrewing.com to learn more about the oak slab featured in this video. It will become the community table at our microbrewery/tasting room.

Happy Halloween! Meet me at Rock and Shock, October 12-14

Happiest Hallowes Eve Season to all of you HellaKids!!!

This photo was taken early very early in the Halloween season of 1968. My (single mother) mom took my little sister “Pooz’n” and me all the way to Buena Park to meet an inanimate, though strangely charming, Frankenstein – my fave of all time at that time!

I get giddy about this season still, ushering in all the goodies from a hard few months of winter labor in order to share the harvested goodies with friends and strangers alike.

In that spirit, I look forward to meeting old and new friends again at this year’s Rock and Shock on the 12th, 13th and 14th of October hosted so amazingly by my friend Gina Migliozzi who was the first and only person to allow me to pour my Djinn’s HellaBrew at the event in 2014. We poured for the Pat Brody Cat Shelter, the Dave Brockie Fund and Smile Train and we all had a BLAST!!!

For all you HellaKids in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm, for all of you in the Southern Latitudes, stay cold!

California’s Burning!

California’s Burning! True Enough, the mind never focuses so keenly as when the disaster or the thing you fear the most comes to your neighborhood.
This is a picture of a house fire in my neighborhood started by an inconsiderate and uninformed weekend renter. The fire occurred on Sunday, August 5th.
He, or she, moved a smoldering bunch of coals from an outdoor fire pit to a fireplace indoors without verifying whether or not the flue was open. It started a chimney fire which nearly burned down the house you see here and the house next to it.
BIG THANKS and SUPPORT to our San Bernardino Forest First Responders and to Cal Fire from beyond our Mountain Communities for putting their lives between the material things we hold so dear and the ruthless flames that engulf everything in their path both animate and inanimate.

As you HellaKids and BeerNuts know, we at THREE MARM put our hearts and our purposeful causes into our craft.
We will introduce our Trugger’s – Logger Lager to the www.LakeArrowheadBrewFest.com crowd for the first time this coming August 11th. We look forward to a vibrant and constructive dialogue regarding our forest, and all forests nationwide and what steps we can take that will keep our forests, the communities they surround and the first responders – who are called out with ever increasing frequency – healthy and safe.

Please chime in and help make this a National Chorus that ensures harmony in our forests for many more generations to come.



The 2018 MFTAC fundraising sale begins tonight!

Starting at 12:00 a.m. tonight through Saturday, August 11, 100% of funds raised from merchandise sales in Andrew’s store will go to benefit the third annual Mountain Film and Theater Arts Committee scholarships!

Andrew will also be present at the 2018 Lake Arrowhead Brewfest, where he will sign autographs and sell merchandise from his company Three Marm Brewing to raise funds for MFTAC. In addition to the Djinn’s Hellabrew, he will be debuting two new flavors, Cowboy IPA and Trugger’s Logger Lager. He requests a $5 minimum donation to sample his beer (with unlimited refills), with this donation again benefitting MFTAC. Buy your tickets today for the Lake Arrowhead Brewfest here.

Click the video for more information!


Greetings from the Hollywood Show

Hey HellaKids!!!

Greetings from the Westin LAX and the Hollywood Collectors Show. I just got in a little while ago and made sure to bring my pix and rings.

I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from one Antique Bronze Ring – they go for $150.00 – in the name of the person who buys it. The $150.00 will go toward next May’s www.MFTAC.ORG scholarships.

My goal is to raise at least $1000.00 between this ring and the T shirts and photos and pint glasses with the Three Marm logo painted on them and other nick nacks that will be available at the upcoming LakeArrowheadBrewFest this coming August 11 – Saturday from 12pm to 6pm.

As I have done in past years, all photos sold in the week leading up to the BrewFest will go 100% toward the scholarships – 2 x $500.00.

Stay tuned to the page for updates on items to be added to the scholarship drive on my store page.

Many Thanks and BEST, for now, ADD

Hello from Wales Comic Con!

Hello HellaKids!!! Cheers BeerNuts!!! A shoutout from Beautiful Wales where I will be attending the Wales Comic Con at Wrexham Glyndŵr University.

As I mention in the video, I spent yesterday afternoon strolling through Chester and came upon my new favorite Micro-Brewery in the world, Brewhouse & Kitchen where I met Matthew – Head Brewer, Todd and Sam who together make this a stop worth taking. I told these fine gentlemen about my fledgling brewery, Three Marm Brewing, and about having our first ever commercial batch of the Djinn’s Hellabrew fermenting as we speak. They were kind enough to offer their advice and insight as we progress and I am indeed very thankful and excited about that.

I will have two of my 2 oz 925 silver/rhodium plated Djinn Rings with Garnet, sculpted by me, with me for the event. To all my old and new friends, please come by my table and ask me about them.

BEST, for now, ADD