Meet me at Frightmare in the Falls!

Hey HellaKids!!! Cheers BeerNuts!!!

BIG THANKS to the promoters of Frightmare in the Falls for inviting me up to a wondrous place the locals call home…Niagara, Canada is a beautifully charming town set like a gem in a 👑 we all know as Niagara Falls… absolutely breathtaking! I am fortunate to have been invited back here after a fiery calamity up in the San B’rdo mountains, my home, caused me to miss out on my first invite…suffice it to say, if you’ve never been here, you need to add it to your bucket list.

The show starts tomorrow at 1430 hrs – for VIPs – and goes until 2000 hrs… Saturday 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs at the Niagara Falls Convention Center
6815 Stanley Ave
Niagara Falls…

I’ll have 3 DjinnStones and 1 DjinnRing with me.
I look forward to seeing my old friends and making some new ones…