2nd Annual MFTAC Scholarships Now Open!



Hello Again HellaKids!!! Cheers BeerNuts!!! Thank You as always for your continued support and for stopping by to see what I’ve been up to.

I spent a while at my local T shirt shop Mountain Air Screenprinting,and decided on the artwork lay-out for this year’s www.LakeArrowheadBrewFest.com I am happy to share with you that I will be pouring again at the upcoming BrewFest and that, Three Marm Brewing will have the Djinn’s HellaBrew on hand again and, with the much appreciated help of our good friend Ryan Wicks of Wicks Brewing, we will be pouring for a charity near and dear to my heart, The Mountain Film and Theatre Arts Committee – www.MFTAC.org.

This coming August 11th, will be our fourth consecutive annual charity pour, and the third MFTAC scholarship drive. We will be giving out the second ever MFTACs – funded by donations raised at last year’s pour – this coming May. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

The Talent Search Flyers are all up at the MFTAC.org site and I am excited to be pouring the Djinn’s HellaBrew again this year for the donations made by all those from near and far who venture over to the Fest.

I am also very mindful of the fact that a whole lot of you have been a part of the lead-up memorabilia sale on my store site.It is your donations through the purchases you make that keep the MFTAC dream alive.

As in years before, all proceeds from sales during the last week before the BrewFest will go to the scholarships.

Thanks for letting me babble on – I’ll touch base with you via video from the www.NJHorrorCon.com this coming weekend.

BEST, for now, ADD