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  1. My name is Dallas Sebastian and i have known Andy since i was a little boy.. I played a small roll in the movie Running Cool with him, the movie was directed and produced by my grandparents. Anyways, i have wanted to reach out to him for some time now, is there anyway I can get a contact email or if you coulD pass this along to him pleaSE?

  2. Jackie Welsh

    Where would be the best address to send Mr. Divoff a care package with Louisiana memorabilia? Thanks from the CRAWFISH CAPTIAL OF THE WORLD, BREAUX BRIDGE, LOUISIANA
    Jackie Welsh
    KCSC, CPA’s

  3. CJ

    I have been a fan of the Wishmaster films for years. I was browsing Mr. Divoff’s filmography and realized he has been in a lot of movies/shows I love.

    Just wanted to thank him for all of the great work. Character actors don’t often receive their due; but, I find that they make film/tv/plays more interesting than the name stars. Looking forward to visiting more of Mr. Divoff’s work on dvd!

  4. Hallo Andy, d’ont know if remember me, we meat in calella, I’m Xavier Pares, the friend of Joan Macia, who worked with you in the Hotel Bon-repos, and me in the H.Esplai, from Mataro, I am now in Sta. Monica until the 22h feb, I would love to see you, and talk with you a little while, if you want to, I shall come to you ,if you not fare from L.A, before to continue my trip further south. My phone here is(US) 9086966636.ou E.Mail me, Ojala ens podem veure un ratet, m’agradaria molt.

  5. Xavier Pares

    Please let to Mr. Divoff know about my message (Xavier Pares), before i leave California, to have the change to see him, if he wants to.

  6. Hello sir,
    The reason why I’m trying to contact you sir is to see if you are interested in been part of the horrific film fest in San Antonio TX this year my dates are October 21-23 2016
    My website is http://www.horrificfilmfest.com. I will like to dedicate the film festival to you this year if we could bring you down please let me know if this is something that you will like to be part of .we could provide you with plane ticket for, meals, transportation, hotel, and a table for you to sell your merchandise For more info please contact me at 2105280628

  7. Christopher Dalton

    Hi, Andrew! I don’t know if you remember me, but about twenty years past I had e-mailed you a couple of comic book portraits that I had drawn of both you and Harrison Ford from Air Force One(Columbia, 1997). I remember how much you enjoyed those illustrations and how you had posted them on your official website. I just wanted to say hello, and hope you have been well. I hope that you will come to Louisville, Kentucky in the near future for a convention. It would awesome to meet and speak with you in person.

    All the best, my friend!

    By the way, I enjoyed your narration about the history of John Carpenter’s Halloween some three years past. As always, you did a great job!

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  9. Daniela muleta

    Dear Andrew. Greetings from Down Under Australia. I have been a huge fan of yours since i can remember. I am writing to ask if you or someone you may know that can assist me with knowing more about a song that was in the movie Running Cool. I beleive it was sung and or written by Jana Sorenson. The song is played during the intimate enounter scene of yourself and Ms Deedee Phieffer. Up to this day i still listen to it. I would love to know if it was ever released on cd or how i may obtain the full version of the song. Would mean the world to me.
    Kind regards
    Daniela Muleta (Melbourne, aust)

  10. Kenneth carroll

    I’m a huge fan of Andrew divoff,,movies,.tv series,,I could have sworn I saw u at the Carolina country music festival last night,,you are a brilliant actor

  11. Kenneth carroll

    You are a brilliant actor..I have always liked watching the movies and tv series that you star in.,I believe I saw you at the 2018 Carolina music festival last night

  12. nicolò fabbris

    hi, i’m a big italian fan of mister andrew, i would like to know if it is possible to send a couple of photos to autograph to mister andrew, it would be really wonderful, i’m very looking for his autograph, let me know if you can send 2 photos thanks a lot nicolò

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