Happy Halloween! Meet me at Rock and Shock, October 12-14

Happiest Hallowes Eve Season to all of you HellaKids!!!

This photo was taken early very early in the Halloween season of 1968. My (single mother) mom took my little sister “Pooz’n” and me all the way to Buena Park to meet an inanimate, though strangely charming, Frankenstein – my fave of all time at that time!

I get giddy about this season still, ushering in all the goodies from a hard few months of winter labor in order to share the harvested goodies with friends and strangers alike.

In that spirit, I look forward to meeting old and new friends again at this year’s Rock and Shock on the 12th, 13th and 14th of October hosted so amazingly by my friend Gina Migliozzi who was the first and only person to allow me to pour my Djinn’s HellaBrew at the event in 2014. We poured for the Pat Brody Cat Shelter, the Dave Brockie Fund and Smile Train and we all had a BLAST!!!

For all you HellaKids in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm, for all of you in the Southern Latitudes, stay cold!