Help me raise funds for tornado survivors in Wilmington, NC

As many of you know, the people Wilmington, North Carolina have experienced a devastating tornado. During my visit to Mad Monster Party in Charlottesville this weekend, I will be making a charitable donation to support the people of Wilmington. I am inviting everyone in attendance to donate as well, and give back to those in crisis. Stay safe and warm, and I look forward to seeing old and new friends this weekend. BEST, ADD

Join me at the 10th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest!

Hey HellaKids! Cheers, Beernuts! I will be participating in the 10th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest this Saturday, September 7, 2019. As usual, I am raising money for my charity MFTAC, and will have photos on hand to sign. One hundred percent of sales on my website until midnight of September 12, 2019 will also be donated to benefit MFTAC.

Watch the video below for more information! BEST, ADD

Memories of Another 48 Hours

Happy TBT HellaKids!!!

On this Throw Back Thursday I wanted to give a shout-out to artists everywhere and to my friend and fellow Another 48 Hours alum and artist David Anthony Marshall.

Upon reflection on the fact that MFTAC had no applicants this year from our local pool of high schoolers – more on that anon – I was left with the realization that pursuing the arts in any form is a daunting and overwhelming task – it ain’t easy Kids! I am, however, an eternal optimist and believe that including the arts in our lives is not only good for our own sense of self but is a defining characteristic of being human on this ball of dust we call home.

In the accompanying photos you see a still of David and me during a film test at Paramount studios. In order to get to this point, we were told by the casting director that we’d need to be able to ride a “Chopper”, but that the test ride would be down the road…so…you all can imagine my freaked out inner self when I was told while sitting in the make up chair to do the film test, that as soon as we were done with make up, the bikes were outside and ready for us to show everyone that we could ride them… HFS…WTF!!! I hadn’t ridden a bike since my time at Georgetown U when I worked as a diplomatic courier shuttling passports and visas out to Dulles Airport from local embassies – I rode a Honda 250 for that job and was totally freaked out about getting on the 1200 pound Harley FXR BEAST I was about to test on…Fast forward to David 
– – and me riding down the road, with the wind blowing through my wig and his hair, just before all hell breaks loose between us and Eddie Murphy, who, btw, was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Please follow up with David Anthony Marshall and see for yourself how he has managed to grow as an artist – Brother David, even though it probably drove you crazy on those long drives back to the motel after a hard day’s work in those first several days in the desert, I will never forget your generosity, and mind blowing guitar and voice chops, in always acquiescing to my request for your version of “Stairway to Heaven”…I miss your version of STH and I miss our rides together Brother “Hickock”!!!


Toy Soldiers, and my time with R. Lee Ermey

Louis Gossett Jr. and R. Lee Ermey

On this TBT I wanted to share some fond memories of my time working on Toy Soldiers.

Over the close to 30 years since the making of Toy Soldiers, I have been happy to run in to various alumni of the film, and happier yet, to see the progress they have made and continue to make in their respective careers.

The thoughts I will share with you here, and now, have to do with my interaction, off the set, with R. Lee Ermey, the iconic leatherneck, in fact and in persona.

I remember a night when I heard the reason we had changed the shooting schedule to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances required Mr. Ermey to come in early in order to shoot his scenes with and around the HRT guys out of Quantico-that’s right, the real HRT guys were brought in to give the story a realness and a grounding that holds up to this very day.

It turns out that Mr. Ermey knew something about these guys’ immediate fate and broke a rule of his, which was to keep to himself for the majority of the shoot until he made sure that all of his acting work was in the can.

On this particular night, I was enjoying a beer in the hotel bar with a few of Luis Cali’s henchmen and more than a few of the HRT guys, Mr. Ermey walked in and he may as well have been a god descending from Mount Olympus with the deference he was immediately shown.

He could not have been more genuine or affable toward me, and I truly felt awed by this stalwart and humble human.

As the night went on, it became clear to me why Mr. Ermey had taken the time out of his private schedule to sit with the HRT boys, although, as I mentioned, he could not have been more gracious toward me, his reason for being there was all about the lads from Quantico.

As it turns out, they would all be deployed in the following days to Iraq on a mission called “Desert Storm”.

As the night waned, most of the bar had emptied out, except for Mr. Ermey, the Quantico Kids and me.

Every now and then I get out of my self centered nature and realize how truly lucky I am…that night I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Ermey and many of the great lads who were the non plus ultra of their platoons.


Happy Holidays!

Hey HellaKids! Cheers BeerNuts!
I was helping my friend Holland Lowe and her organization Operation Provider at her Christmas Dinner event. You have all heard me talk about Holland and the great work she does for the community with her food and clothing bank.
I started volunteering at this event 5 years ago when a friend and fellow actor, Vince Spano, invited me by and got me hooked on giving just a little extra back to the community on this day. He has since moved off the mountain, but made a surprise visit today with his lovely lady, Lurisha Monet. is an organization that gives back all year long and the giving culminates on this day. Watching the kids with wonder in their eyes, interact with Santa was the very definition of Christmas.

P.S. Visit to learn more about the oak slab featured in this video. It will become the community table at our microbrewery/tasting room.

Happy Halloween! Meet me at Rock and Shock, October 12-14

Happiest Hallowes Eve Season to all of you HellaKids!!!

This photo was taken early very early in the Halloween season of 1968. My (single mother) mom took my little sister “Pooz’n” and me all the way to Buena Park to meet an inanimate, though strangely charming, Frankenstein – my fave of all time at that time!

I get giddy about this season still, ushering in all the goodies from a hard few months of winter labor in order to share the harvested goodies with friends and strangers alike.

In that spirit, I look forward to meeting old and new friends again at this year’s Rock and Shock on the 12th, 13th and 14th of October hosted so amazingly by my friend Gina Migliozzi who was the first and only person to allow me to pour my Djinn’s HellaBrew at the event in 2014. We poured for the Pat Brody Cat Shelter, the Dave Brockie Fund and Smile Train and we all had a BLAST!!!

For all you HellaKids in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm, for all of you in the Southern Latitudes, stay cold!